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Peter G. Miller’s syndicated newspaper column appears in more than 125 papers nationwide. He is the author of six real estate books all published originally with Harper & Row (one with a co-author) as well as a leading guide to media marketing (also published by Harper & Row). More than 300,000 Miller books are in print.

Mr. Miller has appeared in more than 1,000 radio, TV and print interviews, including Oprah!, the Today Show, This Morning on CBS, CNN, the 700 Club, NPR and many other well-known outlets.

Mr. Miller has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, a Master’s degree in public relations and a Graduate Certificate in Government Public Information, all from the American University in Washington, DC. During his career he has been an accredited correspondent on Capitol Hill as a member of the Periodical Press Gallery of the House and Senate of United States and the Radio/TV Gallery of the House and Senate of the United States. He has held memberships in the White House Correspondents Association and the National Press Club.

Mr. Miller’s marketing and public relations clients have included major associations and corporations with interests in public policy, the environment and reputational issues.

A licensed Maryland real estate broker, for many years Mr. Miller taught state-approved real estate ethics classes for the brokerage community.

Married with two children, Mr. Miller lives in Florida and travels widely.