How To Get A New Job Using Google AdWords

Getting a job is no easy matter in the current economy, and getting a good job — the job you want — is even harder. Imagine then when someone comes up with a new way to get employment that’s smart, quick, web-savvy and cheap. An idea you can copy.

Alex Brownstein wanted an advertising job in New York. As you can guess, New York is a tough market and as companies cut back many advertise less. So what’s an ad guy to do? Resumes are nice, friends in good places are important, knocking on doors can work in some fields but why not do what companies do when they have a product or service to sell?

Why not advertise? Online? Using Google’s AdWord program? A proven and hugely successful form of marketing.

And, of course, with the Google system there’s no charge if an ad simply comes up and is not clicked.

What Brownstein did is this. He set up a Google account for free. He then selected “keywords.” When someone searched for his keywords, his ads would come up. Since individual names are not major advertising targets like terms such as “mortgage” or car,” the cost per click was small.

So far, so good. You get the idea that if you sell muffins your ad should come up when someone is looking for, well, muffins. What Brownstein did was to get the names of leading ad agency executives. Those names became his keywords. And, if it happens that an executive searches for himself or herself on Google, or perhaps someone who works for the exec, then guess which ad comes up?

What To Say

One Brownstein ad read this way for an ad exec named Ian Reichenthal:

Hey, Ian Reichanthal: Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too.

The ad, of course, included a link to Brownstein’s website.

Brownstein reports that he posted ads for five executives and the results were that four called for a job interview, two offered him a job and he accepted one of the jobs that was offered.

How You Can Use The Same Idea

To use the Brownstein strategy you first need a credible website. It need not be fancy or complex, but it should be a site which is suitable for jobs and employment, something that showcases you in the best possible light. One approach, without cost, would be to set up a free blog with WordPress or Blogger. Search around for a good theme, check your spelling and include your resume.

Or, if you want something unique, build a site such as ChefsOnTheRoad.com.

Don’t know the name? No problem: just call and ask. Be sure to get the spelling right.

When you set up your AdWords account with Google pick the names of the executives for companies where you want to work.

Also, if you’re looking for one branch of a company in a particular area it may make sense to localize your ad for a given state, county or city.

A clever, innovative web presence can’t possibly hurt your job efforts. The cost might be about the expense of a fast-food dinner, but somehow the results are likely to be far more satisfying.

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