Can I re-use my VA entitlement?


As the VA explains, “your eligibility is reusable depending on the circumstances. Normally, if you have paid off your prior VA loan and disposed of the property, you can have your used eligibility restored for additional use. Also, on a one-time only basis, you may have your eligibility restored if your prior VA loan has been paid in full but you still own the property.”

In either case, for a VA-qualified borrower to obtain a restoration of eligibility, an individual must send a completed VA Form 26-1880 to the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center. To prevent delays in processing, it’s also advisable to include evidence that the prior VA loan has been paid in full and, if applicable, the property disposed of. This evidence can be in the form of a paid-in-full statement from the former lender, or a copy of the HUD-1 settlement statement completed in connection with a sale of the property or refinance of the prior loan.

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