This Mortgage Lender Is A Fake (Don’t Just Take Our Word For It)

You can’t help but wonder about the good folks at Esteemed Lending Services. They seem so sure, so certain, so familiar….

If you want a mortgage, Esteemed has one for you. Recent bankruptcy? No problem? A foreclosure last month? So what. Less income? They can work with you.

And help with short sales? Who could possibly do a better job than Esteemed?

“We guarantee a loan to fit every situation,” says Esteemed. “Our qualified loan specialists have been helping people just like you find the best interest rates and loan terms possible for your unique situation. We will guide you every step of the way to get you the loan you need. You can lower your current payments on your mortgage, refinance existing debt, and even get extra cash to pay for unexpected expenses.”

And getting a loan is hardly more difficult than going through a car wash.

“Even if you’ve been turned down by other lenders because of a less than perfect credit history, we can help. It’s time to act and start saving money today. Apply now and let us help you start on your way towards a debt-free future!

“it’s easy to qualify and 100% FREE to apply.”

There are two things about this lender which stand out. First, its “line” sounds a lot like some other lenders we’ve heard. Second, the company is a fraud.

Esteemed Lending Services is not a real company.

This website is a fake, created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to warn borrowers about scammers.

“These scammers may create professional-looking websites, use trustworthy-sounding names and promise you loans to help meet your needs or live your dreams, even if you’ve had credit problems,” says the FTC.

“The catch comes when you apply for a loan or credit card and find out there’s a fee you have to pay first. If you pay, it’s unlikely you’ll see the promised loan, and you run the risk of someone using your personal or financial information to steal your identity.”

Six Warnings

The FTC says borrowers should be aware of six rad flags when looking at online mortgage sites:

  • A lender who isn’t interested
    in your credit history. Ads that make claims like Bad credit? No problem, We don’t care about your past. You deserve a loan, Get money fast, or even No hassle — guaranteed often indicate a scam.
  • Fees that are not disclosed clearly or prominently. Legitimate lenders disclose their fees clearly and prominently; they take their fees from the amount you borrow; and the fees usually are paid to the lender or broker after the loan is approved.
  • A loan that is offered by phone. It is illegal for companies doing business in the U.S. by phone to promise you a loan and ask you to pay for it before the loan comes through.
  • A lender who uses a copy-cat or ‘wanna-be name.’ Crooks give their companies names that sound like well-known or respected organizations and create websites that look slick to try to convince you they’re legitimate.
  • A lender who is not registered in your state. Lenders and loan brokers are required to register in the states where they do business. Checking registration does not guarantee that you will be happy with a lender, but it helps weed out the crooks.
  • A lender who asks you to wire money or pay a particular person. Legitimate lenders don’t ask anyone to do that.

More Bogus Sites

The FTC has created a number of fake sites in addition to Esteemed Lending Services. For instance, there’s FatFoe which will help you lose weight without diet or exercise and, of course, there’s also Glucobate???????, the all-natural diabetes breakthrough. Glucobate uses “Cucumis melo — or Elixir of Muskmelon — an all-natural sugar regulator with none of the side effects of the medications that break your budget without curing your condition.”

The FTC is using bogus sites to make a point: The fact that something is on the Internet and has a really nice web page does not mean a product or service is anything but an outright fraud. Use common sense, check around, speak with licensed professionals and hold on to both your wallet and your wonder when you see claims which seem to good to be true.

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