American Chopper: Is The Best Yet To Come?

American Chopper is back but will it re-capture the magic?

When last we saw the Teutuls they were in a three-way live bike build-off with reality star Jesse James. The results after great fanfare and lots of speculation looked like this: Paul Jr. and PJD Designs took first place with a bike fashioned after a P-51 Mustang  fighter from World War II. James came in second with a red and chrome design while Paul Sr. was a distant third. The Orange County Choppers entry was a three-wheeled creation that spewed flames and had the rider virtually horizontal to the ground.

The 2011 closing show with the votes tallied was also a moment for the Teutels to hug in public, an amazing scene given the astonishing fights and battles of the past few years. The show was also a huge ratings success, 4.8 million people watched.

For 2012 it looks like the builds are back, the fighting will continue and Donald Trump has been added to the mix: Paul Sr. will be a contestant on Trump’s show, the Celebrity Apprentice while at the same time his company will build a Trump bike.

If Paul Sr. is going to be on the Celebrity Apprentice then a Trump bike was fairly predictable. As we wrote in January, “can anyone see a Trump cycle in the future? Even better, can anyone imagine Trump riding down Fifth Avenue on such a creation, hair blowing in the wind….”

Promos for the show suggest that the Trump bike will also be predictable: Metallic gold trim with black background. And Jason describes Trump as a “pretty serious biker.” Meanwhile, Christian and Jason will take the Grainger bike to Chicago for an unveil.

Meanwhile, the new season raises some questions:

Will the Teutuls find peace or will the father/son war continue? In one promo with Trump, Paul Sr. ruefully says he made his son a millionaire. This presumably refers to the settlement when Paul Jr. valued his shares at more than zero — a dispute involving lots of lawyers and deeply-personal friction.

Paul Sr. and Trump might also want to discuss real estate. Paul Sr. faced foreclosure on his world headquarters when the mortgage was unpaid, a topic which should naturally interest Trump, the son of a major New York apartment owner and a developer in his own right.

And, of course, you have to wonder if Jesse James will be back. Given the success of the final 2011 show his appearance would cause considerable clamour — and that can only help ratings.

But what would make for a really better season? There’s been a public hug, a financial settlement and now — maybe — it’s time for a try at reconciliation between the Pauls, something simple to start like a family dinner or a birthday celebration. Perhaps the wives could get together and make it happen.

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