American Chopper Vs. Jesse James: Who Really Wins?

The stage is set for the most-publicized motorcycle build-off in recent memory. The two-night battle to be shown live from the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas will feature three well-televised bike builders, Paul Teutul Sr. with Orange County Chopper, Paul Teutul, Jr. from PJD designs and Jessie James, the once-host of Discovery’s Monster Garage and widely known as the former husband of Hollywood leading lady Sandra Bullock.

After years of dispute and conflict that was some of the most interesting — if painful — broadcasting on television, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. seem fairly settled as rival bike builders who now churn out theme bikes and custom cycles. As well, Paul Sr. has somehow worked out his dispute with his lender, a dispute which at one point lead to mortgage loan foreclosure notices for his newly-built headquarters.

But with the end of a massive lawsuit between the son and father and with the headquarters property no longer distressed, the story of the battling Pauls has cooled and with it some fan ardor. One way to rev-up their long-running American Chopper series is to bring back Jessie James.

James, like the Teutuls, is a bike builder, TV personality and businessman. While Paul Sr. may yell and Paul Jr. may be collegial in the workplace, James is a different story. He is arguably the least vocal of the bunch, but plainly a shrewd planner and strategist, something which could be seen when he appeared on the second season of the Celebrity Apprentice and came in third under the watchful eye of Donald Trump.

Live and from Las Vegas

The build-off programs will run live on Discovery on December 5th and 6th and as I read the promo the end result will be three bikes. Viewers will then have a chance to vote for a winner, probably in the same way as viewers rated the two bikes built by the Tuetuls for Cadillac.

All three builders have strengths: Paul Sr. has a huge facility and is backed by a large number of mechanics, machines and craftsmen, most notably metalworker Rick Petco. Paul Jr. has a far-smaller shop and a much smaller crew but a vastly-better sense of design along with help from show regulars Vinnie, Brendan and Cody. As to Jessie James, he’s now centered in Austin and we’ll have to see what he can do.

So who will win? Viewers will likely enjoy the fireworks, bike building and verbal sparring among the three main rivals. Also, it will be interesting to see how much — if at all — Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. cooperate in the face of a common rival.

We don’t know at this writing who will win the bike build-off, but it’s certain that Discovery will have a huge ratings hit on its hands.

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19 Comments on "American Chopper Vs. Jesse James: Who Really Wins?"

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  1. Rich says:

    Hey Richard,
    Jesse had his chance a few years ago with a biker build off. Remember that? His bike broke down 2 or 3 times and never made it to Sturges(sp). He is all talk.

  2. Jeff says:

    Addition: Jesse’s bike may hold more than a gallon of gasoline, but those that say his is a “riders” bike have no idea what a riding stance like that will do on your back, plus did you see him ride it? He had to keep looking around the sides just to see where he was going. 100 miles? That’s about a hour and a half ride highway. Why not make it from New York to Austin, I’ll be on the stock Harley Road King which cost much less than one of his bikes, and Jesse can call his chiropractor when he reaches Knoxville. “Rider’s bike”? It’d be sketchy to ride it 100 miles, let alone cross country.

  3. Jeff says:

    Jesse got put in his place. He builds the exact same tired bike time after time. Was there ANYTHING unique about his bike? No. I’m glad the blow hard got shut down. Notice the cry baby was long gone and off stage without a congrat to anyone like a 4 year old that just got a spanking. If being a whiny blowhard is what being a true biker is about I’m going to buy a Vespa. Jesse is a factory blue collar worker who doesn’t build “art” just turns out the same thing every time. I’d rather buy a kit from Jr. than an “original” Jesse bike. Jr.’s bike was awesome looking. This was a build off and custom bike competition, not who could build a bike that get’s the most miles per fill up. Jr. he had the most showmanship and built the better, more original, and more artistic bike. Jesse couldn’t fabricate his way out of a paper bag, he’s as washed up as his relationships. Pitiful.

  4. Richard says:

    This show was set in the style of American Chopper: build something that the non-rider likes, do a brief test ride, and trailer it someplace to unveil it. It was on American Chopper and all of their fans voted. It was a no brainer that Paul Jr would win. They should have a rematch next year, bringing back Biker Build-off, shown on that show instead of American Chopper. They would have to build a bike, ride it for several hundreds of miles, and have it voted on at a motorcycle rally, by riders. It would be a true build off. Paul Sr would have to build a bike. Paul Jr would have to build a bike that wasn’t for display only. The true builder would be voted on. If Jesse James lost, at least it wouldn’t be because a bunch of non-biker, drama queens voted against him.

  5. Peter G. Miller says:

    Travis makes a good point. The deal should have been to build a bike and then ride it at least 100 miles to Las Vegas. Maybe a race and show, not just a show.

  6. Travis says:

    The contest rules should have stated you had to ride the bikes to the contest to be valid, other wise they should have had some yahoo carve a bike out of brazilian walnut and entered. It would have looked cool but worthless as sh**.

  7. alex says:

    It is evident that Paul sr. has juiced himself into a selfabsorbed fog. Jr. should take that into consideration and realize life is short,and forgive him for being ridiculous.And as for j.j.,I wish that has been would just ride one of his 1970 style choppers into the sunset.He needs a good dopeslap

  8. mark the shark says:

    Maybe when Sr.is totally steroid free,andis able to control his emotions, he will be happy that his son has the talent that far surpases his.As far as jesse james is concerned, he is just a blowhard that is way to full of himself. His last 30 bikes are all basically the 1970 style choppers.If i was Paul Jr.i would have dope slapped him. He is way past his prime.

  9. Michael says:

    The real thing is which one would you ride? How long could you ride with exhaust blowing in your face? And Sr’s machine is great tech. but would you ride it? Jesse built a chopper that any biker would be proud to RIDE. And, working with stainless…craftsmanship.

  10. tony says:

    Jr bike hands down unique bike that’s the difference

  11. Scoot says:

    Are you guys for real ??? Paul Sr. is who I wanted to vote for but he neglected to build a bike. Jesse built the same bike again, but he did build it. Jr is not biker people, he is like pops says 37 still needs his nose wiped. Jr. built the best theme bike, can the girl do anything without a theme? How about some originality ,Paulie build a bike. Jesse, You are the only one who got it in my book, you have my vote sir. Welcome to Austin

  12. Peter G. Miller says:

    Chris —

    I saw the bikes last night and thought OCC really missed the point. I’m not sure they built a motorcycle, instead they created something that looks like a fantasy kid’s toy. It’s a nice job of fabrication and engineering but the contest was about building bikes.

    As to James and Paul Jr., both built bikes, both had crews and both had good results. The Paul Jr. bike was innovative and beautifully finished. I have little doubt that Paul Jr. will win.

  13. chris says:

    Although I believe that SR. and Jr. does great work Jesse was the only one who understood what the challenge was. It was to build a awesome bike! Not an airplane or whatever Sr. did. It was a BIKER build off.

  14. JTC says:

    I would like to say the Sr. and OCC builds(puts together) off the shelf parts and a customer paint and calls it a custom build. Jr and JPD does more fabrication and more innovative designs like the gears of war trike very unique. Jesse James doesn’t build to meet a clients view he creates and builds the parts all by hand in the style he sees best. For a build off between the 3 Jesse will have a True old school style chopper, OCC will have a kit bike and Jr will be the only competition for James. In reality Sr and OCC don’t stand a chance to come out on top in this, look at the Cadillac build they got crushed….

  15. dan says:

    V twin type bikers are a bunch of losers, whoever builds it. Harleys are the last gasp of old fat white guys who are total mess-ups and are trying to prove they are real men.

  16. Peter G. Miller says:

    I was just in Spain and Portugal and three weeks and you make a good point — bikes are much more central there than here and you see an amazing diversity of machines. They also use them a lot more commercially — in a lot of cases small trucks are nothing more than covered motorcycles.

  17. paul says:

    jesse james, occ, paul junior, they all have the nerve to call themselves bike builders, dinosaur assemblers more like, take a kit of parts, add an antique motor, look at the quality of the builds comming out of europe if you want talent and inovation, the american custom market is dying

  18. gary says:

    James builds bikes?????? His shop went under years ago. He had about 3 shows about bikes and they all look the same, just like Sr’s bikes.

    The Teutels assemble pre fab parts?? When did jesse start “building” motors, trannies, brakes, belts??? Guess he melts copper and spins it in to wire and turns oil into plastic for the insulation right!!

    Monster garage sucked (anyone remember the last year?????)

    He can shove his “ride-able” hard tails!!!!

  19. O says:

    Are you kidding me? James builds bikes, the Teutels assemble pre fab parts. West Coast Choppers came way beffore OCC. To even call this a competition is an act of ignorant stupidity.

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