Memorial Day — 2011

On this Memorial Day let’s take a moment to remember those who served in the Armed Forces in past years and those who serve today.

For most Americans the history of a lifetime is marked by its wars and battles. Since the Second World War, US military personnel have been involved in major conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as many smaller ones. In every case and without exception the military performed the difficult tasks directed by our nation’s leadership.

There is more to the military than the services it provides during war time. The Army Corps of Engineers helps operate our dams and levees. The military is always there when disaster strikes. And the military has a profound impact on our society. As examples, think about the integration of the military before many areas of the country and technology (ARPA/DARPA is really among the originators of the Internet concept.)

If you like, now’s a great time to contribute to the USO, an organization that serves men and women in the US military worldwide.


Photo Credit: Taken at Arlington National Cemetery overlooking Washington, DC, May 2010. Copyright 2010 Peter G. Miller. All rights reserved.

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