What Makes Real Estate News Popular?

French Chateau

French Chateau

Real estate news is one of the most popular subjects online, especially those stories and features which offer enduring interest to readers over time.

That seems like a simple formula but it’s amazing how much appears online which is neither reality-based nor especially logical. So, as a place to start in the quest for evergreen articles and blog items, we need information which is both factual and logical.

To validate material online we need to use links and references. This is now the accepted norm, while before we counted on print editors and fact checkers to assure that content was accurate and really worth our time. In effect, readers must also be editors, as has been pointed out by Ryan Holiday in Trust Me, I’m Lying.

Another way to validate material is to use a spellchecker. The question is not whether or not you have great spelling skills, but whether humans make mistakes and read past errors. They do, so use a spellchecker.

Next we need to write with spirit, animation, sparkle and fire. Nobody likes dull stuff, so our prose has to include adjectives, illustrations, examples and a currency to which people can relate.

Five Keys To Real Estate News

What catches people’s interest?

First, things which are usable, that answer a question right now.

Second, feature items which involve the first, the largest, the tallest, the oldest, etc.

Third,  how-to pieces that help readers better understand how things work.

Fourth, there are certain topics which always interest readers: They include interest rates, VA financing, FHA mortgages, foreclosures, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Reserve, buyers, sellers, trends, bargains, tips, tricks, money and wealth.

Fifth, celebrity counts. We want to know where Hollywood stars live and how much politicians paid for their houses.

Perhaps most importantly, one needs to write in plain language. A big vocabulary is great but try to translate information into words people can readily understand without a quick trip to the dictionary.

Here’s a short list of such OurBroker postings which readers seem to like.

Popular Real Estate News

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